Peach Icebox Pie

This is the perfect summer pie. Cold, creamy, and full of peachy goodness. The crust is a delicious vanilla wafer crust. Yum.


Ingredients: Nilla Wafer Crust

2 and 2/3 cups vanilla wafer cookies

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

1 and 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

4 tablespoons butter, melted and cooled

Peach Filling

2 (14 ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk

3 large egg yolks

3/4 cups plus 2 tablespoons peach puree

Recipe: Crust

Crush the wafers in a food processor. Add all other ingredients in and mix. Press into a 9 inch pie pan and refrigerate for 1 hour before filling.

Peach Filling

Whisk together the condensed milk and egg yolks.

Mix in the peach puree. Pour into pie crust.

Bake at 375F for 15 minutes.

Let cool for 1 hour, then refrigerate for at least 3 hours.